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About Us

We are a couple that loves role-playing games. I began playing as a teen in the 1980s and continued through my military service to the current day. My wife never experienced this before meeting me, as her family escaped Vietnam in 1976. She learned to play with me and my sons, and has loved the imagination and antics that our small campaigns have generated. We have both seen the damage from too little in-person human interaction during the pandemic. My sons, and my students all have had various degrees of difficulty readjusting to real life in-person interaction rather than via a computer meeting. Our goal is to provide a unique gaming location that allows people to see each other, shake hands, laugh, and raise a ruckus as they imagine their RPG adventures.



Our mission is to provide an exciting and unique physical location for role-playing games, to inspire imagination and channel creativity, while forging new friendships.

Gather together and we shall recount the days of high adventure!


We desire to facilitate in-person gaming, developing connections that are impossible from online gaming.

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